Expand Your Business to the UK

Set up, run and grow your business globally

If your business...

  • Being stuck in a single market

  • Feeling the pressure from global companies

  • Need a gateway to global markets


Easy way or the right way?

The easy way is

  • Trying to find a reseller in each country

  • Expecting someone to sell on behalf

  • Spending a high amount of funds for recurring activities for each market such as:

    • Marketing

    • Travelling and accommodation

    • Legal documentation

    • International tax regulations

    • Transaction fees


Why the easy way does not work?

B2B software business requires direct and long-term mutual interaction based on trust. This also means demonstration of:  

  • Local existence,

  • Shared culture and language,

  • Collaboration and cooperation with local partners.


The right way is...

Using global gateways to reach all markets

  • Single move to be a global company

  • International community membership

  • Wider business networks

  • Global partnership

  • Incentives and funds

  • Stronger legal infrastructure

  • Simpler tax regulations



  • The UK is a "world scene", you are visible globally

  • Faster business development cycles

  • Easy access to knowledge, experience and talent

  • Global success

  • Lower cost

  • Exponential growth potential


Why the UK?

The UK is the 6th largest economy worldwide

  • The World's financial capital

  • 40% of the top 250 global companies

  • International business communities

  • Faster and easier access to capital

  • The 6th largest manufacturing industry

  • Europe's largest industries:

    • ICT

    • Aerospace

    • Creative industries

    • Life science

    • Video games


Easy access to global markets

  • Language

  • Central time zone

  • A gateway to

    • Europe

    • US

    • The Commonwealth countries

  • Internationally recognised legal system

  • Powerful transportation infrastructure


Centre of innovation

  • The strongest R&D in Europe with 100 science parks

  • 90 Nobel prize winners in scientific disciplines

  • Attractive incentives

  • Skilled workforce

  • Strongest VC environment in Europe

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