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Global Scale Programme

Set up, run and grow your business globally


ValuesBox Global Scale Programme opens a gateway for your business in the UK. It is not another relocation service for your business. Instead, it is an investment readiness programme with its impactful and proven content. ValuesBox Global Scale Programme allows your business to grow exponentially and globally in a short time.

5 Secrets for a Successful Business Expansion

Secret #1 - Localisation

The UK is the 5th largest economy worldwide.

Entering a new market and expanding your business is a big challenge if you don’t strategise wisely.

For a successful entry, you must localise your business for the UK.


Secret #2 - Presence

The UK is a mature market. Why would customers choose to buy your products while there are many local and trusted alternatives in the market?

To succeed, your business must be presented at the leadership level in the UK.

Secret #3 - Product

Entering the UK market is a straightforward process if you have the right product.

Having a product allows your customers to test and understand your capabilities prior to any long-term engagement.

Therefore, you must have a validated product based on a proven business model.


Secret #4 - Focus

The UK is the gateway to global markets.

If you focus on a niche area, the potential for your business is limitless.


Secret #5 - Access to Finance

Tech businesses need adequate financing to grow exponentially.

2019 is now the best year of equity funding. £9.41b has been deployed so far to the UK's start-ups and scaleups.

We have a network of some of the most renowned and influential investors.

Facts You Need To Know About The UK

The UK is the world's financial capital

The UK has been the financial capital of the world since the 19th century. Its convenient time zone, use of English and feather-light regulations can provide significant advantages for businesses.


One of the major business hubs worldwide

London hosts 40 per cent of the European headquarters of the world's top 250 companies. 60 per cent of top non-European companies with a headquarter in Europe are also based in London. London is also Europe's leading centre of high-skill employment.


International Business Communities

After becoming one of the most prosperous economic regions in Europe between 1600 and 1700, Britain led the industrial revolution and dominated the European and world economy during the 19th century. It was the major innovator in machineries such as steam engines, textile equipment, and tool-making. It invented the railway system and built much of the equipment used by other nations. It was also a leader in international and domestic banking, entrepreneurship, and trade. That is why the UK is still one of the major hubs of global trade, and its primary focus is always doing business globally.


The UK is the best country for business in 2019

Forbes ranked the UK as the best country for business in 2019. According to Forbes' report, 161 countries have been evaluated by using 15 different factors such as; property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, infrastructure, market size, political risk, quality of life, workforce, freedom (personal, trade and monetary), red tape and investor protection.


Faster and Easier Access to Capital

The 80 per cent of the UK's £6.3 billion of tech investment was being made into high-value scaleup firms in 2018. The total venture capital investment in UK tech in 2018 topped £6 billion, more than any other European country. With £5 billion of scaleup investment, the UK ranks fourth in the world, after the US, China and India. As a conclusion of this strategy, 35 per cent of Europe and Israel's 169 unicorn tech companies have been created in the UK.


The UK has Europe's Largest Industries

The following industries are the largest ones in Europe in terms of their sizes:

  • Information and Communication Technologies

  • Aerospace

  • Creative Industries

  • Life Sciences

  • Video Games

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